The Case For ExoTheology.

Many of us who were raised in a religious household were taught one fundamental truth which we thought would never change; that in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, and finally He created the human race in His own Image and likeness.  As a child of the 1960’s I never thought to question this account of our origins.  But now, as a student of the 21st century, I have begun to think that this childhood notion of Creation may be far too simplistic.

When I first had my own UFO sighting in the 1970’s I developed a strong interest in the UFO phenomenon.  Sometimes this interest became more of an obsession.  My imagination was fueled as to what might be out there.  I began reading several works on the subject of UFOs and also more mainstream scientific works such as The Case For Mars published by the Planetary Society in the 1980’s.  What I found in both areas gave me reason to rethink everything I had been taught to believe as a child.

First came the revelations that came out of the UFO literature, especially the works of Zecharia Sitchin.  These revelations included the speculation that human evolution was not the product of chance mutations and adaptations, but may have been guided by Extraterrestrial scientists who took the raw materials they found on planet Earth and used them to create a species in their own image and likeness.  At first I dismissed this theory as too far out.  But I could not help but wonder if there could be at least some truth in that theory.  What really gave me cause to begin rethinking my previous attitudes concerning human origins was the book The Case For Mars.  In this work mainstream scientists put forward their ideas on how the human race – using 20th century technology – could alter the environment of Mars to create a second Earth.  This gave me serious cause for reflection and reevaluation.  If Earth scientists could begin thinking of altering the course of evolution for an entire planet, how much more so could Beings from another world – using technologies thousands or even millions of years ahead of our own – have altered the course of our own planet far back in the remote past.  These Beings could have altered our world using techniques of planetary engineering, and they could have directly altered early humans through genetic and bio-engineering.  Suddenly the ideas and theories of Zecharia Sitchin did not seem so far fetched.

Now this is all pure speculation based on theories that have been around for a few years now.  What I am trying to do in the course of this article is not to try to prove or disprove any theory, including the theory of Special Creation or Ancient Astronauts.  But what I feel we must do is raise serious questions about everything.  What if the Ancient Astronaut theory is correct and we find it can be proven after we make contact with Extraterrestrial races who were involved in the process?  What if human scientists are able to show a genetic link between races of this world and races of other worlds?  What would be the impact of these revelations on our religious and social institutions?  Would we bow down and worship the alien creators as our ancestors once did?  Would we go bat-shit crazy and start destroying everything we could not accept?  Or would we take it all in stride and intelligently begin to reexamine our myths and legends about our world and our species and learn to accept the new visitors as brothers and sisters rather than as gods or demons?  I prefer the third alternative, but realistically we should probably expect to see a combination of things go down under those extreme circumstances.

This is why I feel it is of vital importance that we open our eyes to the emerging field of ExoTheologyExoTheology is the art of asking questions about religion and Spirituality in the light of new scientific advances and discoveries in space exploration.  And, in attempting to understand new paradigms, Exotheology is going to be an important tool for us to use.  If it comes out that aliens actually did have a hand in creating our species, what does that say about the concept of a God; a Supreme Being from Whom all things emerge?  Would it mean there is no God, just funny little grey guys running around in flying saucers?  Or, would it mean that the Supreme Being allows lower but still advanced beings to participate in the process of Creation?  I think this second attitude is probably more correct in my own way of thinking about these things.  If there are aliens, who created them?  Other aliens perhaps?  And who created the other aliens?  Still other aliens?  Or is there a Divine Mystical Source that chooses to create in stages giving His/Her children the power to create and co-create on their own?  If this is true, then the Biblical story we were all taught to believe as children could still be seen as being basically true, but just overly simplified so as to be understandable to a pre space-age civilization of primitive hunters and shepherds.  We could still maintain our religious myths and legends, but at the same time leave room to update them in the light of new discoveries.  I feel this is the wiser option, but to be able to do this, we must become teachable so as to accept the radical new realities of the 20th and 21st centuries.  I have a feeling that, as much as we have already been through, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

When it comes to topics like ExoTheology, most people ignore it to focus on more important things like baseball, football, and hockey.  But, if we are to become adults in the New Age, we have to open our minds to new ways of thinking.  We don’t need to mindlessly accept every fantastic theory that comes our way, but we do have to give it all a far shake.  It was once believed that the Earth was flat and that the Sun and the stars all revolved around us.  Now, most of us know better than that.  Today we are faced with another fundamental question; are we alone in the Universe?  Most of humanity has come to the conclusion that we are not alone.  How does this new understanding impact our religions, our societies and our culture?  That is where disciplines like ExoTheology are going to play an important role in the months and years ahead.