Tarot Card Interpretation: The Fool.


The Fool can be seen as the adventurer; the pioneer just setting off on a new venture.  In the minds of most people The Fool indicates folly, which is one possible interpretation.  But The Fool can also represent someone who seems foolish on the surface because they do not fear going against the grain of society.  In this light the Wright Brothers could be considered “fools” because they believed so firmly that they could find a way to fly, they dedicated a large chunk of their lives and fortunes working to make that dream a reality.  Now to us, the Wright Brothers were visionaries.  But back in the early 1900’s, many people probably considered them wack jobs…right up until the time they flew at Kitty Hawk.

So sometimes The Fool can be a wise person; someone who is “right” ahead of their time.  And this in itself can be dangerous ground to walk.  But The Fool walks it with wild abandon.  And this is one reason we call The Fool a fool; he/she takes risks that most sane people would avoid.  Sometimes the risk pays off as in the example of Kitty Hawk.  And sometimes the risk does not pay off as in the example of the many brave pioneers of powered flight who threw themselves off of cliffs thinking their artificial wings would cause them to soar like birds, only to crash like a brick to the ground below.  Yet, The Fool takes the risk.  Sometimes after careful and wise consideration; and sometimes without a second thought, which can be very foolish indeed.

There are other positive qualities about The Fool to consider as well.  The willingness to do difficult tasks, and do them with a sense of humor and good will.  Also having the ability to make people laugh and even to poke fun of themselves.  But the main keyword I hang onto is the adventurer; the person willing to try to make the difficult doable, and the impossible possible.  These are the people who drive all human industry, and without them we would still be living in the Dark Ages.  All Hail The Fool! 🙂


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