Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Temple of The Infinite Universe offers Spiritual Direction to any individual seeking help in Spiritual Growth or Self-Improvement.

Spiritual Direction is the art of being a guide, mentor, and companion to another human being on their journey towards union with The Divine Source of All.  It is not the same as therapy or licensed psychological counseling.  Rather it is a Spiritual art which focuses on helping the client connect more fully with the God/dess of their own understanding.  Sessions are conducted by phone and can range from 45 minutes to one hour in length.  These sessions can be done monthly, weekly, or as often as the client wishes (usually no more than once a week).

Who Can Benefit?

We have designed our Spiritual Direction Program to be open to all who feel a connection to Temple Of The Infinite Universe.  These people may include those who do not have a home church/temple; those who have been pushed out or alienated from their home church/temple due to issues of sexual orientation, gossip, addictions, etc; and those who are happy in their current religious setting, but whose religious leadership, for whatever reason, just does not have the time to closely minister to them.  Our perspective is Universal, non-sectarian, and open to all regardless of creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or other physical issues.   We are all Children of The Divine Source, and are all worthy of love and mutual respect.

Our Ethics.

Our focus is on providing a safe virtual setting for our clients to grow in.  We do not judge, but try to guide in a loving way.  We do not seek to convert the individual to our own way of thinking; rather we seek to help facilitate the seeker’s deeper discovery of the God/dess of their understanding, the Universe, and their connection to It.  And we will not take advantage of our clients in any way, nor release private information to third parties for financial or other gain.  What is said in Spiritual Direction stays in Spiritual Direction.  Your privacy is assured.

Our Director. 

Spiritual Direction services are provided by Frater Ralph, founder and Inter-Faith Pastor at Temple of The Infinite Universe.  Ralph is not a licensed therapist or psychologist.  Rather he is an inter-faith minister with several years of pastoral experience.  Sessions will be Spiritual in nature.  If he feels the seeker might benefit from more professional help, he will suggest the client seek out the services of a trained professional in the proper area of expertise.  To see a fuller description of Ralph’s training and background, see our About Page.


Sessions cost $50 and are conducted by phone.  If finances are tight, let Ralph know and we will see what can be worked out.  To book your session pay using the Buy Now button below, and then contact us using the Email address at the bottom of this page.  Feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself and be sure to include your name, phone number, email address, time zone, and an idea of when the best time to contact you will be.  Ralph will schedule your session as closely as possible to your desired time, and will finalize the appointment by email.  When the time for your Spiritual Direction Session arrives, Ralph will call you by phone.   If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

Email: lifeabundance07@gmail.com