Online Spiritual Direction

Temple of The Infinite Universe now offers Spiritual Direction online. What is Spiritual Direction and what is the benefit of doing it online?

Spiritual Direction is the art of being a guide, mentor, or companion to another person on the Spiritual journey of life. The Spiritual Director does not act as a superior to the person receiving direction. Rather the Director serves more as a fellow student along the way whose goal is to help the client make their own inner discoveries and come into a fuller understanding of The Divine, the Universe, and their connection to it all. The Spiritual Director does not force his understanding of things upon the client. Instead the Director helps to create a safe and secure environment where the client can feel free to discover the God/dess of their own understanding. Here Spiritual Direction done properly is not the same as evangelism which seeks to convert another person to an understanding of things which might be very alien to the person being “converted.” In Spiritual Direction we help the client come to their own conclusions, not our preconceived agenda. It should also be noted that Spiritual Direction is not the same as therapy. Therapy focuses on healing a person’s mind, and is engaged in with a licensed therapist. Spiritual Direction focuses on healing and facilitating the growth of a person’s spirit or soul, and is engaged in with a person who shares from their own life experience and who may not have a psychological license. The focus of Spiritual Direction is Spiritual not psychological. If the director feels the client might benefit from psychological counseling, he will make that recommendation to the client and encourage the client to seek the proper professional help.

In Spiritual Direction the focus is always on what is best for the client. It is a journey where the Director seeks to nurture the client providing any insights or encouragement that the client may need for continued growth. It is also a bond of trust where high ethical standards are demanded. At Temple of The Infinite Universe we vow to never take advantage of the client in any way, not to be judgmental, and to never reveal confidential information to third parties without the expressed consent of the client. We seek to help and not to harm.

The benefits of doing Spiritual Direction online will not be the same for everyone, but will differ among different people for different reasons. Some who do not have a church or temple home, who may be solitary practitioners or shut-ins, will see the benefit in being able to easily connect online. Others who have been forced out of their original church or temple home due to reasons of sexual orientation, or church gossip, or problems concerning addictions, or other negative factors will see the value in being able to connect with a person who vows to be open, accepting and non-judgmental. And still others may be in a religious setting that suits them just fine, except that they are not able to receive the individual attention they need from their spiritual leaders. In online Spiritual Direction the client can get that kind of individual attention just by asking for it. And, as stated above, we DO NOT SEEK TO COVERT PEOPLE. Our goal is in helping you become the best person you can be right where you are at.

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