Know Thyself

Know Thyself, and ye shall understand the Universe and the gods.” -Oracle of Delphi

When we first begin seeking The Divine, most begin the journey seeking outside of themselves.  They seek The Divine in sacred books, churches, temples, rituals and the like.  And this seems very natural to the seeker, for a while.  But then the seeker may begin to encounter problems; roadblocks to progress if you will.  At this point the seeker may become discouraged and give up the journey for a time.  Others may conclude that their search had been in vain; that there is no God to be found.  Still others may hit upon the idea of seeking The Divine not on the outside, but from within.  And when they change the direction of their search, they find themselves back on the path of Spiritual Growth.

Mystics have been telling us for centuries to seek The Divine within.  Scripture has dropped many hints that The Divine is to be found within.  In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus speaks of this inner dwelling, “What-so-ever you do to the least of these, that you do unto Me.” God is not to be found on some distant mountain top.  Rather the Divine has made It’s home within the heart and soul of every living being; from the greatest to the least.  Mountain tops are nice; but the mountain top experience is open to all who can tap into it, where ever they may be.

It may seem a contradiction, but to find the Inner Divinity housed in each of us, we must start from a perspective of humility.  There have been crazy people running around for ages saying, “I am God; serve me!”  That is not what I am speaking of here.  Rather, to tap into one’s Inner Divinity, one must first come into communion with It.  Not for the sake of power or egoic pride, but for the sake of Love.  And once The Divine is sought out of Love, in Love shall The Divine reveal Itself.  Moments in silent meditation will slowly result in the dawning realization that the supposed  separation between the Realm of Heaven and the material world of Earth is an illusion.  And when one realizes that they and the Source of All are interconnected, this realization leaves it’s mark.  They begin to realize that the relationship between Divine and Earthly is not a Master and Slave relationship.  Rather it is a Family relationship, as between Parent and Child.  And once one understands Who the Parent really is, the Child can begin to truly mature.

Scripture says, “God is Love.”  If this is true, then so too must be the Children of The Divine.  When we realize that we are one with the Source of All, then it must also follow that we are One with All; both nature, the Universe, and with one another.  When this deeper Unity is fully realized, our individual ego begins to slip away.  No longer do we see ourselves as being better than or less than any others; instead we see ourselves as being One with one another.  Then true reconciliation and atonement (At One Ment) can be realized.  I am not separate from another; I Am One with The Other.  Or, put another way, The Other is Me.

This is a partial understanding of the ancient oracle stated above: “Know Thyself, and you shall understand the Universe and the gods.”  It may seem fantastic at first, but when one has done a fair amount of the inner work needed, it all becomes perfectly clear, simple and obvious.  There is much depth in the words of the oracle.  And those who ponder it’s depth will find peace and enlightenment.

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