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About Our Founder,

Frater Ralph

Frater Ralph has spent a lifetime in the study of Spirituality from a variety of different perspectives.  Feeling a call to ministry at an early age, Ralph went to Savior of The World Seminary high school where he graduated third in his class.  He went on to study Philosophy and Religious Studies at Benedictine College in Atchison Ks.  There his studies focused on World Religions and Scriptures.  He graduated in 1984 with a double major.

Ralph continued his studies at St. John’s University/School of Theology in Collegeville Mn.  There his coursework included studies in Inter-Faith work and Spirituality.  He spent a semester of studies in Israel which focused on Scripture In Context and the study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Ralph has participated in ministry in a variety of forms working as a lay minister within the Catholic Church, and later as a deacon and then an elder within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  He was later called to be Senior Pastor at Hermitage Christian Church, and served that position for 6 years ministering to a congregation of 100 people with mixed religious backgrounds.  While serving as Pastor, Ralph took coursework at the Missouri School of Religion which focused largely on Parish Ministry, Pastoral Counseling, and Spiritual Direction.  He also took additional training at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa Ok.

In 2006,  after a period of meditation and personal reflection, Ralph began opening his perspective to a ministry with a far more radical Inter-Faith dimension.  In 2007 he and his wife began building what would later grow into Temple Of The Infinite Universe, an online Spiritual Fellowship based upon Hermetic principles which is open to all peoples of Good Will regardless of their religious background, or lack thereof.  It was during this time that Ralph began the private study of The Kybalion, Wicca, Neo-Paganism, Buddhism and Eastern Mysticism.  Today Ralph continues his studies in Paganism as a Lifetime Member of the Correllian Educational Ministries.  He also counts himself as an internet disciple of Ajahn Brahm, a Theravada Buddhist teacher connected with The Buddhist Society of Western Australia.  He considers himself as a lifelong student of life and the Esoteric.  Ralph presently serves Temple of The Infinite Universe as Inter-Faith Pastor and Spiritual Director.

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Temple Of The Infinite Universe Inc. is a Non-Profit registered in the State of Missouri since 2015.

We are dedicated to helping good people grow Spiritually and improve themselves positively through meditation and honest self-reflection. Our focus is not on sectarian religious doctrine, but rather on Universal Principles contained in most all World Religions. We deal in personal knowledge, not faith; self-improvement, not blame; wisdom, not folly. Our main concern is helping good people to become better.